Rules & Regulations

We would like to make everyone’s involvement in NRG as enjoyable, and beneficial to their career as possible.

Aims and objectives of the NRG
  • NRG's main aim is to provide the opportunity for students and apprentices in the professional lighting community to meet with industry professionals on an informal basis, to seek professional advice and increase their network of contacts.
  • NRG offers work experiences and opportunities which would otherwise not be available outside the remit of the the programme. 
  • The team responsible for NRG have a duty of care to all members of the programme.
  • The NRG team always work to provide all opportunities in a way which is fair to all members of the NRG crew membership.
  • NRG has a few simple rules we ask all crew members to adhere to when attending any NRG event, or working at an event under the umbrella of NRG.
  • Treat all other NRG members and guests with the same respect as you would wish to receive.
  • When on Technical Tours at the invitation of industry professionals, to act with respect for their work   environment and the time they are taking to show you around the facility they are working in.
  • Avoid taking telephone calls when on a Technical Tour to ensure the tour runs smoothly and to time and there are no external distractions.
  • Arrive promptly for any NRG event – and if there is a delay in your arrival to ensure you advise the NRG team.
  • To act responsibly throughout any NRG event – and, if drinking alcohol, to drink responsibly.
  • There is a zero tolerance to underage drinking and drug use at any NRG Networking Social, Technical Tour or other NRG event. You will be excluded from an event if you appear to be under the influence of either.
  • To ensure that you use safe transport or travel arrangements to and from any NRG event without comprising your safety or the safety of others.
The NRG team reserve the right to ask any NRG crew member to leave an event if they are acting in a disrespectful, offensive or intimidating manner.

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