NRG Experiences

TPi Awards 2019

In 2019 NRG crew members again made a significant contribution to the production of the TPi Awards.

“This is a high pressure, high profile opportunity for students to get involved and they rose to the challenge,” says Nathan Wan, Robe’s in-house Media & Lighting Designer. “Their overall approach was exceptional – and their enthusiasm to present their skills to a ‘highly opinionated’ audience was contagious!”

Alex Merrett, University South Wales was Assistant LD. “It’s a great opportunity to learn invaluable skills including new methods of programming and how fine-tuning the detail makes all the difference. The experience has been an unforgettable highlight in my student career!”.

Owen Yelland, Rose Bruford College, reprised his role as systems tech. “It was a further opportunity to expand my experience looking after large-scale event systems. I was also head RoboSpot operator – what a great piece of kit! I’d encourage any student to apply for this opportunity.”

Espen Karlsen, Rose Bruford College, lit, programmed and operated the main bar. As an international student, he knew this would be a great way to build his UK contacts and provide first-hand how UK productions work. “These NRG opportunities are admirable.

You learn about Robe fixtures as well as how a large corporate production works.”

Ben Linwood, GSA: “I’ve taken away a huge amount of insight into scheduling and large event management. This kind of industry engagement keeps you excited about going into the industry when you graduate.”

The team welcomed two female crew members – Jasmine Williams, RWCMD and LIPA’s Georgia Wren who collaborated on the lighting design, programming and operation for the Robe VIP Lounge.

Georgia Wren: “This opportunity exceeded my expectations and gave me the opportunity to learn new skills I wouldn’t otherwise have learnt. The NRG crew were treated like professionals.

I feel more capable and confident in my skillset and have greater belief in myself. I realise I have the knowledge to fulfil any lighting technician role I put myself forward for.”

Jasmine Williams: “I admire NRG for encouraging female technicians and I’m inspired to champion inclusivity and females of ethnic minorities to get involved in technical roles - promoting overall diversity in the production industry . Everyone encouraged us to go with our instincts - this gave us confidence in what was otherwise a slightly overwhelming challenge!”