NRG Experiences

PLASA 2017

Through NRG, Robe offers the opportunity for a group of students to work alongside the Robe UK sales team at the PLASA Show in London every Autumn.

Ian Brown, Sales Director Robe UK: “The students we appoint are carefully selected for their interest in, and passion for Robe products – many of whom have gone on to forge successful careers in the industry.
In 2017 the calibre of applications was high and the six students, from three different universities and colleges, and all at different stages in their academic careers, really stood out.
This NRG experience offers the students the chance to gain invaluable insight into the Robe brand whilst presenting themselves as individuals to a worldwide industry audience.”  

Will Blackie: South & West Cheshire College: “I loved working with a great group of people who made us all feel so welcome. I can’t wait for the next stage in my career as I start my apprenticeship. My advice is to work hard to get where you want to get to.”

Dominic Boston: University South Wales: “I applied two years running for this role – it proves that it works to be persistent and demonstrate how keen you are! My advice is to present yourself in a professional manner – you’ll get much further.”

Adam Davies: University South Wales: “It’s a fantastic opportunity like no other – tiring but worth every minute – go at it with open arms - you are treated as an equal member of the Robe family and you get the chance to meet people you’d never normally meet.”

Nick Harvey: Rose Bruford College: “NRG is a fantastic way to network and take advantage of the opportunities being offered by Robe to young professionals. And remember to be a nice person to work with – this industry is very much about people working together as a team.”

Alex Merrett: University South Wales: “The experience has been great – I’ve learnt some really valuable skills that I can take forward with me as I pursue a career as a lighting designer”.

Luke Rolls: University South Wales: “Keep applying and take up any opportunities that come your way – NRG is a great way to do this. And remember you can never repeat a first impression.”