NRG Experiences

RoboSpot Training at Neg Earth

As well as the highly successful Networking Socials and Technical Tours, this year NRG has offered some exclusive technical training opportunities for crew members.

This incorporated two days of training courses on the RoboSpot, hosted at Neg Earth’s impressive West London facilities. In total, over thirty five NRG crew members received intensive product training on these efficient follow spot systems.

Amy Kerr, Robe UK explains: "Part of my job focusses on training technicians to ensure they have a depth understanding of our fixtures to take full advantage of what each fixture is capable of. All the young technicians on the exclusive NRG training days were enthusiastic, engaged, eager to learn and really keen to explore all aspects of the RoboSpot. I can't wait to see how all of them embrace the RoboSpot when they are out on the road!"

Dave Ridgway, Neg Earth: “NRG is a great initiative and a fantastic movement of young professionals, very well thought through and run with a great passion. Offering our LH3 production space for this training, and providing a rig full of Robe fixtures for the students to practice on is a way for us to share Neg Earth Lights’

industry experience and knowledge. This goes hand in hand with connecting to the future talent of the entertainment industry. Overall NRG accelerates personal and professional development, opening an opportunity and providing a bridge for students bringing them into the industry at a fast rate.”

So what about the NRG crew members?

“It was very worthwhile and informative, the instructions were easy to follow and it was all explained in detail. It was a highlight to get hands- on experience - I feel informed enough to operate a RoboSpot comfortably and this makes me more employable as a followspot or theatre technician”

“A great opportunity to learn a lot about the system in a short amount of time.”

“It’s such a fantastic piece of kit and surprisingly easy to operate.”

“It was great to learn how all the menus on the RoboSpot work – I now feel confident operating a RoboSpot.”

“Very useful and well structured training with a good mix of teaching and hands-on time with the equipment.”

“Very engaging, the right amount of information, and fully practical. I learn best from using whatever I am being trained on.”

“My expectations were exceeded and I could operate the RoboSpot confidently by the end of the training.”