NRG Experiances

As well as providing accessible and informal networking opportunities, an important aspect of NRG is enabling young lighting professionals to gain invaluable technical insight and experience working in life environments which further fine-tunes their skillset and introduces them to the rewarding work environment.   

Under normal circumstances, NRG offers technical tours of iconic venues and live productions in TV, theatre, touring, as well as visiting rental houses and corporate venues.  

NRG offers a number of exclusive training opportunities on Robe equipment; facilitates training for NRG members with other industry companies; provides technical insight and training in small groups on Zoom sessions.  

NRG also offers unique work experiences for its members.   

There is no other manufacturer-driven networking membership community offering young industry professionals such extensive opportunities whilst they are still studying at college, undertaking their apprenticeship, or, as they leave their study and academic career behind and join the industry full-time.  

NRG brings young professionals together in a unique way – drawing those from different backgrounds, countries, colleges and apprenticeship programmes, enabling friendships to develop whilst they build their professional networks.  

A snapshot of some of the unique opportunities offered by NRG are featured in the following pages.