NRG Member Endorsements

What our NRG crew members say 

"Being part of NRG is an amazing opportunity that you can't get anywhere else."

"It is great to hear what you are doing with your NRG programme and how you are making things happen in the industry."

"Since attending the NRG Networking Social I have been offered a six-week summer job! Thank you for helping so much and helping students get amazing opportunities."

"Without NRG I wouldn't have grown into the person I am now."

"Going on the NRG technical tours has made me want this career even more."

"I'd recommend NRG to any young person in the industry who is looking to make links."

"The 'NRG Meet the LD' sessions and and the NRG social you organised definitely made PLASA more special and beneficial. It was great to be back meeting in person after such a long time and to see the Robe team!"

"I owe a lot to the NRG team for making me who I am today. Since joining NRG my confidence to speak to people has grown which has led me to grow as a person and be confident and proud of what I do. Thank you."

"NRG is an amazing community of people who are all in the same situation of breaking into the industry. It has been a huge encouragement for me to develop alongside others in the community, seeing other people do well just encourages me more to do better in my own career. Being part of NRG was one of the best decisions I could have made, I now belong to a family of people who are supportive, caring, funny and bring great energy to everything. Being able to be part of the NRG networking socials and meet the designer events has made it easier to make connections with industry professionals and other students/young professionals making their way into the industry. Once you join NRG you know you will forever have the support of Robe and NRG in the future, there really is no reason not to join from my point of view!"