NRG Experiences

Arcadia's Spectacular 2018

After 10 years touring the world, Arcadia Spectacular made its London debut appearance in May 2018, its 10th Anniversary, as the centrepiece of a two-day festival at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, East London.
The small, permanent Arcadia team needed supplementing for the anniversary show, so a privileged few NRG students were invited to become temporary members of the spectacular.

Dorian Cameron-Marlow: Arcadia Technical Production Manager: “We are always looking to encourage the next generation of fabricators, technicians, performers and creatives. Robe’s NRG is a great pathway to help develop young talent while giving up-and- coming technicians vital experience at the sharp end of large scale productions.”

James Matthews: LIPA: “It was an eye opener to experience the intensity and work ethic required to get through a festival of this nature, and to observe how fluid some of the team were when it hit crunch time”

Owen Yelland: Rose Bruford College: “I jumped at the chance to be involved - it was just incredible to see this production up close and to work on such an iconic and recognisable stage.”

Chloe Boucher: National College for Creative Industries: “It was amazing, the scale of performance on a 360 degree stage is something else. It was incredible seeing the show come together from the tech rehearsal, to the live shows. The difference two days of work can make is astounding“

Katie Davies: Arcadia Spectacular: “Chloe, James and Owen were all great additions to our team. As they are all training in lighting, they had a good technical knowledge of the kit they were working with as well as being familiar with set up and operation of the comms systems. They were confident and reliable, accurate and calm, with a good understanding of the larger picture of what we were trying to achieve.”

Dorian Cameron-Marlow: Arcadia: “I find you can get a really good gauge of where someone is headed by their enthusiasm, diligence and desire to ask questions. All three students really stood out”