NRG Experiences

Robe Recruits - Jordan Tinniswood

Robe was proud to announce the appointment of Jordan Tinniswood to the international creative team in June 2019. And what’s more, Jordan’s appointment is very much as a result of NRG in which Jordan has been actively engaged throughout his academic career!

Jordan joined the Robe team just as he was completing his Lighting Design degree at Rose Bruford College. He has taken on the role of Lighting & Media Technician working alongside Nathan Wan, Andy Webb and Tomǎ́s Kohout.

Jordan stepped into a newly created role to help the team with their significant workload as projects take them around the world. His first project was realising the design of the T1 machine which was the centrepiece of Robe’s stand at the 2019 ABTT Theatre Show in London. Jordan has already programmed international theatre workshops in Belgium and Holland and will take these to Singapore and Australia later in the year. He has also assisted with the new product videos for the T1 and the SilverScan – celebrating 25 years of Robe Lighting fixtures and their continuing evolution.


Nathan Wan – Robe’s in-house Media & Lighting Designer is delighted Jordan is on board. “We’ve been in contact ever since Jordan was Assistant LD at the TPi Awards 2018. He secured that role as an active member of NRG, and his skills were evident even then."

Since then he’s worked with us at Frankfurt – he is a team player, he understands the types of projects which we work on, the energy and the pace and we could see that he would blend seamlessly into our team. And so far... so good!”

“Why would I not want this job?” smiles Jordan. “The Next Robe Generation has opened numerous industry doors for me and I’ve met and got advice from some seriously inspiring industry professionals who I wouldn’t have dreamt of meeting at this stage in my career! And I appreciate everything that Robe has offered me to develop my career as a student through the NRG.”

“And the icing on the cake ... now I get to work for Robe! I’ve always wanted to do everything and not necessarily follow a particular discipline or genre of lighting design. This role is dynamic and I’m learning so much. It has been completely full-on since I started ... but I am loving it – I can’t wait for the next challenge to land on my desk.”