NRG Experiences

TPi Awards 2018

The TPi Awards is the highest profile technical opportunity Robe offers NRG students. It allows them to hone their skills as LDs, techs and operators – all of which are central to the ethos of the NRG programme.

The “NRG@TPi” crew worked for Nathan Wan (Robe’s in-house Media & LD) on the Award’s production and lighting design. “It’s an event which sees the entire production and touring ‘who’s who’ in one room – we put our faith in the next generation giving them key roles in the production.”

Mick Hannaford, MD Robe UK: “The NRG crew exceeded our expectations and hit Nathan’s exacting requirements. They didn’t want to let Robe, their colleges, or their fellow crew members down. They are on en route to being incredibly successful, and if Robe, and the NRG initiative can continue to support them with their careers we certainly will do all we can.”

Jordan Tinniswood: Rose Bruford | TPi Assistant LD: “It’s been a massive confidence boost and I have learnt to get the most out of my designs and think outside the box. To have the timecode show appreciated by some of the most well-respected members of our industry makes me incredibly proud.”

Adam Davies: USW | LD Robe VIP Lounge: “It’s not every day opportunities arise to have such a prominent role at an event this big so early on in one’s career. It’s been a masterclass in remaining adaptable.”

Alex Merrett: USW | LD Main TPi Bar: “This was a valuable experience of a large- scale production. NRG gives students an insight for what is to come. It creates goals to achieve.”

Owen Yelland: Rose Bruford | Systems Tech “I’ve gained invaluable understanding and knowledge of networks for large scale events. NRG helps students gain vital experiences to kick start their careers.”

James Marshall: LAMDA | RoboSpot operator: “An invaluable experience at this stage in my career.”

James Matthews: LIPA | Assistant LD Robe VIP Bar/RoboSpot operator: “Robe is an industry leader. The time, commitment and resources put behind NRG is second to none.”