What is NRG?

Next Robe Generation!

"sharing our knowledge and experience of the UK lighting industry with the Next Robe Generation"

If you are serious about a career in the entertainment lighting world - join NRG today! 

It's a free networking community, offering a programme of unique work placements and technical experiences supported by Robe UK.

We welcome all students over the age of 18, in full-time education and studying a relevant lighting course. 

NRG's key objective is to support the next generation of lighting designers, technicians and operators - by offering professional networking opportunities to meet and interact with influential industry professionals, who are happy to offer advice and share their enthusiasm and passion for lighting.   

TPi Awards 2023 - Robe's creative team and NRG Production Crew (photograph: Jo Okpako courtesy TPi) and below NRG's Will Grubb at work!

We offer unique work experience placements, organise technical tours of venues, networking socials with guest industry speakers, access to play with Robe fixtures, guest tickets to our exhibitions, visits to rental houses and live productions in TV, theatre and touring. These contacts  often lead job opportunities.

NRG is dedicated to all things lighting - all aspects of design, programming, operating and technical maintenance.

The NRG programme is financially supported by Robe UK, and the team are delighted to be associated with these young professionals and welcome them as part of our 'Robe family'.