What is NRG?

NRG (Next Robe Generation) is a networking community for students, apprentices, and recent graduates of lighting design, programming and technical lighting .  It is a resource open to anyone serious about pursuing a career in the world of performance lighting and visuals.

NRG provides professional networking opportunities for the next generation of designers, technicians and operators to interact informally with influential industry professionals, who are happy to offer advice and share their enthusiasm and passion for lighting.

NRG places these young professionals at the centre of each event, enabling them to leave each networking social or technical tour having had meaningful conversations with the industry experts they have met. 

Through these networking opportunities it is hoped that NRG crew members gain invaluable professional advice, technical insight and industry contacts to further their careers and help fine-tune their skillset. All whilst still studying at college, or undertaking their apprenticeship.

Welcome to NRG - whether you are a young professional at the start of your career, an academic tutor or apprenticeship leader, or an industry professional.... please get involved!

The NRG programme is financially supported by Robe UK, and the team are delighted to be associated with these young technicians and welcome them as part of the "Robe family".

PLEASE NOTE: this website is currently being constructed - please bear with us whilst we finalise all the information we would like to share with you! Please come back soon and there will be even more information about the benefits of getting involved!