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If you are a tutor, course leader, academic or apprenticeship provider ...

If you are a tutor or course leader at an academic institution,  or you run an apprenticeship at your organisation, and you would like to engage with the NRG programme, then please get in touch with us at for further details. 

We can offer your students or apprentices technical training at your establishment. We can also include your students or apprentices in the exclusive opportunities available through NRG.

"I find that the NRG programme helps develop and sustain high performing technicians of the future and opens up doors to other areas of the industry whilst providing invaluable networking for students"       
Angie Berwick, Course Team Leader, Cheshire College South & West

If you are an undergraduate student or an apprentice ...

NRG provides an excellent platform for you to experience the industry you are joining, and see the opportunities that is has to offer, at the very start of your career. 

If you are a student or an apprentice and would like to join NRG, we would love to hear from you! 

Contact - we look forward to hearing from you!

Nicky Rowland